50G PON: The Networks Called To Quintuple Connection Speed 

November 30, 2022

50G PON resonates more and more strongly among telemarketers. It is not for less: it is the latest innovation in the changing telecommunications sector (and promises to revolutionize it completely). The era of the Internet of Everything is closer than we think! 

What Does 50G PON Mean? 

Actually, the name given to 50G PON networks is quite descriptive of everything that this technology entails. On the one hand, 50G refers to the speed that it is capable of offering: 50 Gigabytes. On the other hand, PON is the acronym for Passive Optical Networks. 

We are, therefore, before one more step within the passive networks (A-PON, B-PON, G-PON) that is called to take over from its immediate successor: the XGS-PON network. In fact, the main virtue of 50G PON connectivity is that it increases the speed offered by this type of optical network five times: 50Gbps instead of the current 10Gbps. 

 5 Advantages of These New Networks  

  1. Multiply by 5 the upload and download speed. 
  1. Cheaper installation and maintenance: just run the fiber cables from the operator to the homes.  
  1. They provide ultra-low latency and jitter, which can be exploited by many services (eg, video games). 
  1. Possibility of exhaustive control aspects such as latency and synchronization to guarantee optimal connection quality. 
  1. Bandwidth broad and symmetrical enough to meet the growing needs of the industry (eg metaverse). 

Swisscom And Huawei: Responsible For First Live Test 

Huawei and Swisscom recently completed the first ever verification of 50G PON service. It took place on Swisscom’s fiber network, which shows the leadership and innovative spirit of this company. 

Broadband networks are evolving towards 100% optical access. This is driven by several factors (e.g. AR and VR services). In this sense, 50G PON is already seen as the standard of new generation PON technology. 

The test carried out by Swisscom and Huawei reveals one of the most interesting aspects of 50G PON: its ability to coexist with previous networks (such as 10G PON service). This is due to the stable rate and low latency of this new technology. 

PON+Wi-Fi 7 ONU By ZTE : The Pioneer Device In This Technology 

At the end of May 2022, ZTE presented the prototype of the first Optical Network Unit (ONU) compatible with 50G PON and Wi-Fi 7 technologies. This is the ZXHN F9746Q model, capable of reaching 50 Gbps reception and 25 Gbps transmission. 

The ZXHN F9746Q ONU features a 50G Ethernet optical port and a MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 7 chipset. Accordingly, it can achieve a maximum theoretical rate of 19 Gbps, which is four times the speeds provided by Wi-Fi-only ONUs. 6. It is also worth noting its improvement in multi-device connectivity in terms of high bandwidth 

Operators and their providers are already clear: 50G PON is the next-generation platform set to continue enabling broadband development . In fact, and although this new technology is still in its infancy, it is already receiving powerful industrial support from various technological giants. 

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