Privacy & Cookie Policy


  1. Introduction

This Data Privacy and Protection Policy has been drafted in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, in order to define rules and clarify the rights related to personal data privacy and protection website users, treated during access, experience or relationship with TADTELMAX GROUP, herein referred as Tadtelmax.


In order to strengthen Tadtelmax commitment to the culture of information privacy and safety, this policy fulfill its legal and formal purpose.


  1. Application

Applies to Tadtelmax, in compliance with GDPR, as the recipient of any personal data provided by website users as well as any other individuals whose personal data may be processed by Tadtelmax (e.g., employees, customers, customers’ employees, our suppliers and other partners) and for which Tadtemax becomes responsible – as of the respective collection – for the use, storage and protection as the controller of the information provided according to the legal definition.


  1. Personal data collected

When you browse our site and/or engage one of our services, we may collect the following personal data:

Full name



Linkedin Profile


  1. Purpose of personal data processing

We use the personal data collected exclusively for:

  • Receiving website user contact and fulfilling the request;
  • Customer service;
  • Provision of contracted services;
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;
  • Performing other activities essential to the regular operation of Tadtelmax, within its corporate purpose.


  1. Personal Data Sharing

All data, information and communications collected are considered confidential by us, and will not be provided to third parties, except foreseen in this Policy.

To develop and enhance our services, we may engage third-party service providers to perform certain business operations on Tadtelmax’s behalf. In doing so, we may need to share your personal information with them. We share with our service providers only personal information needed to perform the services we request, and we require that they protect all information and not use it for any other purpose.


Tadtelmax may also disclose your personal data to third parties, such as Tadtelmax’s suppliers to our business, payroll management, technical support, IT systems operation.


Furthermore, we may disclose your data in case of: a court order, an order from a competent authority, or in the need to defend our rights in legal or administrative proceedings.


Additionally, it is possible that some of the above-mentioned transfers occur to recipients located outside the national territory. In this circumstance, the parties undertake to do so only to countries that provide a degree of protection for personal data in line with best practices, always observing the legislation in force, thus providing users with guarantees of safeguarding their data, with specific contractual clauses, without prejudice to the prior collection of their respective specific consent, when applicable.


  1. Secure Personal Data

Tadtelmax takes several precautions, in compliance with the guidelines on security norms, standards and practices established in the applicable laws, including the GDPR. Access to the collected information is restricted to employees and authorizes persons. Those who unduly use this information, in violation of the provisions contained in this document, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and legal sanctions. In the event of such an incidence, Tadtelmax emphasizes that will make every effort to remediate and/or minimize the consequences of the event, always adhering to the best Information Security practices, in order to provide a safe and optimizes experience to its users.


  1. Tadtelmax as Personal Data Controller

Tadtelmax is directly responsible for personal data, but there may be situations where Tadtelmax is not directly responsible, but only an entity processing personal data for third parties, qualified as an operator. When Tadtelmax handles personal data as a personal data operator, this is ordered by a third party and Tadtelmax is then bound by the instructions given by the third party. In these situations, Tadtelmax cannot guarantee that such treatment will occur in accordance with this Privacy Policy, but Tadtelmax will always ensure that the treatment is in accordance with applicable law and, to the extent possible, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Withholding and Deletion of Personal Data

If at any time you opt out of the storage of your personal data, Tadtelmax may retain some personal data for an additional period of time in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations as well as for possible regular exercise of Tadtelmax’s rights, just as for auditing and compliance purposes. The retention of personal data will be made for the time necessary to comply with the aforementioned obligations, always respecting the deadlines established in the applicable legislation.


  1. Rights as a Personal Data Holder

Tadtelmax reserves to the respective users the possibility to exercise the rights foreseen in the GDPR, and may submit requests related to their personal data, such as:

  1. Confirmation of the existence of processing;
  2. Access to personal data;
  3. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  4. Anonymization, blocking or eliminations of unnecessary, excessive data or allegedly data treated in non-compliance with GDPR, except in the cases provided by law;
  5. Data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request by the user;
  6. Deletion of data processed with the user’s consent, except in the cases provided by law;
  7. Obtaining information about entities with which the data has been shared;
  8. Information about the possibility of the user not giving consent, as well as to be informed about the consequences in case of refusal;
  9. Information related to the treatment, storage and destination of the personal data, in the scope of GDPR;
  10. Revocation of consent.

To exercise the rights indicated above, please contact us by e-mail


  1. Use of Cookies

Tadtelmax uses cookies to optimize and speed up your future activities and experiences on the services offered through its website.


Using cookies the site stores information about the activities of the browser, including the IP address and the accessed page. These activities records (logs) will be used for statistical purposes and qualitative and quantitative metrics of the services provided, and may also be used to investigate fraud or undue changes in their systems and records, not for the purpose of providing data to third parties without the user’s express authorization, all in accordance with current legislation.


The logs may include data such as the user’s IP address, the actions performed on the site, the pages accessed, the dates and times of each action and access to each page of the site, information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications.


The main internet browsers allow the internet user to manage the use of cookies on their device, being able to disable the storage of these data packets.

However, we recommend that you keep cookies saving turned on, so you can use all the personalized navigation features of Tadtelmax site. If you are not interested in the function, simply disable it.


To remove Cookies or Cache, follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturers for each browser:

Google Chrome: (

Firefox: (

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Safari: (

Opera: (


  1. Privacy Policy Changes

Tadtelmax reinforces its commitment to the privacy of the information provided through continuous improvement and enhancement of the experience and security of its users. In view of this, personal data treatment practices may be amended in the future to reflect any changes, always in the direction of industry best practice. Updates made will be available on Tadtelmax website and such changes will be valid, effective and binding on the website. Communications will be made through one of the channels available to users during registration, when applicable.


  1. Contact

For questions or further clarifications regarding personal data privacy or processing, users may contact us at following e-mail address: