Ai in search engine update: Google enters the game

April 21, 2023
Ai engine Google

Few technological innovations have caused as much of a stir lately as AI. In fact, the language models (with Chat GPT at the helm) fascinate and disturb in equal measure. A good example of this is the moratorium signed by the leaders of the sector in order to paralyze the development of artificial intelligence for 6 months.

With or without limits, it is clear that no one wants to be left behind in the frantic race fueled by artificial intelligence. For example, Elon Musk himself has already acquired 10,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) with which he intends to implement this technology on Twitter. And in the meantime, what does Google plan to do?

Google: The Long History of an AI Pioneer

Despite what many believe, Google has not exactly lagged behind when it comes to artificial intelligence. What’s more, this company has been a benchmark in this field for years. However, the emergence of Chat GPT seems to have eclipsed its entire legacy.

Google may not have been the first to bring artificial intelligence into a chat like OpenAI and Microsoft have. However, this technological giant was a pioneer when it came to exploiting the possibilities that this new technology brought with it. We only have to look at Google Lens and Google Photos to realize it.

AI Search and Image Creation: This Is Google’s Counterattack

New Google Search with Artificial Intelligence

Google Bard is one of the main innovations that this company is preparing in terms of artificial intelligence. It is an alternative to GPT Chat that will completely renew the Google search engine, making the user experience much more personalized.

Although Bard is one of Google’s main innovations in terms of artificial intelligence, it is not the only innovation that these technological giant plans to carry out. Thus, other projects that will implement this technology are Magi, GIFI or Tivoli Tutor.

Google Image Creator

Following in the wake marked by Midjourney and Dall-E, Google brings us its own image generator based on artificial intelligence. We are talking about TIFI: a technology that combines text analysis with the creation of graphic content.

Chrome with AI

Beyond improving its search engine with artificial intelligence, Google also wants to use this technology in its browser. It will come in the form of a new function that will allow us to carry out conversational searches: the “Searchalong”. With it, it is intended to implement a chatbot in the purest Chat GPT style.

One of the most interesting features of Searchalong is its ability to analyze the pages we visit to show us responses related to their content. In this way, it will be the chatbot itself that answers our questions based on what the website we are viewing shows.

Next Steps Regarding AI?: This Is What The Future Will Be Like

It is obvious that the revolution unleashed by artificial intelligence will affect all companies and professions. In particular, it is estimated that recommendation engines and call centers will be the first to see its benefits. Other more ambitious and long-term projects include the early detection of diseases or the fight against climate change through smart cities.

It cannot be denied that artificial intelligence comes loaded with potential that we are eager to explore and take advantage of. However, we cannot be oblivious to certain risks associated with this technology. In particular, we refer to the ethical and legal problem posed by the use of content without the consent of its authors; such is the case of the song created by AI that imitated Drake and The Weeknd. The same is true of their suitability for spreading fake news.

It seems that if we want to enjoy all that AI has to offer without getting scalded in the process, we will have to work to harmonize many conflicting interests. Will we know how to get out of this challenge?

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