Field Testing in the Asia Pacific

May 21, 2021

The mobile market for the Asia Pacific presents an increasing and attracting estimations for 2025. First, even though the growth is becoming harder to see, the unique mobile subscribers shall increase and surpass 3 Billion users with a penetration rate of 70% of the population. Then, an estimation of 4.8 billion SIM Card Connections. Smartphones would represent 84% of total connections, not considering licensed cellular IoTs.

Carrier’s CAPEX investments estimated at $414 billion (2020 to 2025), being 80% focused on 5G and they are aiming to be global leaders in 5G, making Asia one the most advanced 5G markets in the world.

Digital Inclusion still an obstacle to overcome and present even higher numbers. Due to the pandemic situation and the lockdowns, more people have accessed the internet, either to connect to schools, education, work, or any other activity to be part of the society. This may result that Smartphone manufacturers take a special look into usability and many other testing scenarios.

TADTELMAX has local presence in Asia Pacific region to support Chipset Manufacturers, ODMs, OEMs, IoTs and Smartphone Manufacturers to perform Field Tests even with travel restrictions, keeping all the safety measures. We are present in the top three largest Smartphone market in the World, China, Indonesia, and India, as well as countries as Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and other countries! Check our presence at our website:

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