Field Testing Outsourcing

November 22, 2021

Whether your company is looking for a Dedicated Team or People on-Demand for a specific project, outsourcing your Testing Team delivers quality, scalability, cost efficiency, and saves time. To ensure the success of a device and software, it is important to first look at its functionality, performance, security, and usability.  

TADTELMAX is a Field Testing outsourcing company, based in +50 countries with local specialists, ready to start testing Mobile Devices and Softwares, as Smartphones, SIM Cards, chipsets and modules, IoTs, wearablesearphones, POS machines, and many other devices and software testing.      


TADTELMAX offers more than 20 years of testing expertise, a deep understanding of standards, critical scenarios, a quality management system accredited by ISO 17025, continuous training for always being up to date with upcoming technologies, delivering traceable and reliable results, helping your company to oversee and overcome issues.  


Present in more than 50+ countries, TADTELMAX counts with local specialists, with the right tools and knowledge. We also count on hiring tools, methods, and networking to rapidly find new specialists following the required time and scalability strategy.  

Our goal is to make your company focus on its businesses, and leave with TADTELMAX the efforts on search, hiring, training, manage and executing the tests delivering the results while your company scales its business.    

Cost Efficiency

In-house testing may present some costs like hiring, training, resources, tools, space, and other involved costs for a testing team. Outsourcing with TADTELMAX helps your company with:  

  • Experienced team with a strong background in several testing scenarios, tools, and reporting methods. 
  • It helps identify issues early on avoiding future costs that can be expressively more expensive to overcome.
  • Save time on Hiring, Attract and Maintaining talents.
  • Save on some tools like Computers, SIM Cards, Logging Tools and others.
  • Project peaks by easily scale the team and resources required.
  • Minimize or have no travel expenses to perform a test in another country.
  • Pay for what you test.

Save time

As mentioned before, outsourcing your testing team or projects with TADTELMAX helps your company to save time and invest that time in other matters as important as testing. We help your company with:  

  • Start testing faster with turn-key solutions. 
  • Faster Issue solving by a suggested RCA by analyzing the logs, providing evidence, references and reports.
  • Scale faster during project peaks and different locations requirements.  
  • Save time on hiring and maintenance of talents, as well as many other items depending on your business and projects. 

Testing is a recurring process that presents obstacles to achieving an optimal-sized team. Count on TADTELMAX if you need an on-demand or a dedicated Testing Team, in-country specialists to help your Client Interface team, or to validate a single test case for your product and software with no travel expenses. Check our 50+ countries here and schedule a time to talk to us.

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