What the North American Next G Alliance means for 6G? What is the Next G Alliance?

July 15, 2022

Global And Groundbreaking! What The North American Next G Alliance Means For 6G ICTs are revealed as the great drivers of innovation in mobile technologies. That insatiable desire to improve their performance has led them to venture the first steps in 6G connectivity.

What Is The Next G Alliance?

Its full name is the North American Next G Alliance and it is an integral part of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS). More specifically, it is an initiative whose objective is to lead North American wireless networks. The private initiative and the promotion of 6G in the US constitute its tools to achieve this.


6G Use Cases And Requirements

  1. Robotics enabled for networks and autonomous systems. 6G makes it possible for hyperconnected robots to increase productivity and perform dangerous tasks.
  2. Multisensory extended reality. Hopefully 6G will take the achievements of 5G in highly immersive training and entertainment to the next level.
  3. Sensing and distributed communications. This refers to remote data collection, which can be of great help in sectors such as health.
  4. Personalized user experience. Fast customer service that is highly tailored to customer needs will increase customer satisfaction and improve decision-making.

How Will 6G Differ From 5G?

  • Unlimited scale and connectivity. 6G will demand an expanded and ultra-precise spectrum to enable the full connection of any object at any time and place.
  • Privacy & Security. It is a critical point especially in relation to social robots and lightweight XR devices.
  • Networks with cognitive capacities. Systems will be able to feel, think, learn and function autonomously. All this thanks to technologies such as continuous learning or explainable and reliable AI.
  • Network computing structure. Networks, software and storage will be even lighter. They will even be able to change the format at the convenience of the users.

What Technology Use Cases Will 6G Comprise?

No differences will be seen between the implementation of 6G technology and those experienced by predecessor mobile generations. Thus, this will be carried out through releases by the standardization bodies.

Special mention deserves the remarkable energy efficiency that zero energy devices and carbon neutral networks will provide. Another of its most interesting aspects will be the simultaneous communication and detection functionality.

Markets can be expected to enable new investment streams for 6G-specific use cases as the possibilities of 5G take hold. Some highly promising applications are:

  • Holographic communications and services in the metaverse.
  • More and better business applications to consolidate Industry 4.0.
  • API: Developers will be able to communicate natively with mobile networks to optimize them.

Next Steps Towards 6G In North America

Without prejudice to the reign of 5G, 6G is called to enable a more efficient, humane and sustainable society. In addition, Ericsson has already collaborated with the Next G Alliance to ensure that the US plays a leading role in driving this technology forward.

XR devices at scale, enriched immersive experiences… Truly, the novelties of 6G are decisive for the growth of the economy not only in the United States but also in the world.

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