Global digital transformation: 889 organizations are committed to implementing LTE or 5G private networks

October 10, 2022

We are in the midst of a digital age, where companies use new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to automate their business processes and to obtain valuable information from all the data they handle.

In this environment, wireless networking with LTE (Long Term Evolution, standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices) or 5G facilitates the digital leap that companies need to achieve these goals.

Private mobile networks: news and trends

GSA or Global Mobile Suppliers Association has provided valuable insights into the use of private mobile networks globally. Let’s look at some of the most relevant data:

Worldwide usage information

GSA has spotted 70 differents countries where companies and organizations have implemented private networks based on LTE or 5G. In addition, there are several private networks deployed in special locations, such as ships and oil or gas industry platforms, who also use this mobile technology.

889 use private LTE or 5G networks

889 organizations around the world, located in 70 countries and helped by the participation of 66 mobile operators, are in the process of implementing a private 5G or LTE network. The news that we read daily tells us that the trend in the use of this type of network is increasing, especially due to the active participation of the main manufacturers and mobile operators in the sector.

Distribution of the use of LTE and 5G networks

From the analysis of these 889 organizations and companies, we can conclude that the percentages of use of LTE or 5G networks are:

  • LTE private network. 57 percent of global deployments.
  • 5G private networks. 43 percent of global deployments.

This GSA report collects data up to August 2022 and only on the exclusive use of these networks by private entities (from companies, industries or governments, but not offered to the public).

Which sectors lead this digital transformation strategy

Manufacturing is the sector that leads the use of this type of mobile networks, followed by other areas such as education, mining, and energy public services, according to the Private Mobile Networks report of August 2022.


The manufacturing industry was positioned at the forefront of implementations, standing out in 165 of the 889 organizations identified (with an increase of 54 organizations compared to 2021 data).

Education, mining and energy public services

The study also indicates that areas such as education, mining, and energy public services have also seen a rise in the use of private 5G and LTE networks.

GSA provides a lot of valuable information in its report on mobile private networks for August 2022. More and more companies from different sectors are deploying LTE or 5G networks globally, with the manufacturing sector leading this commitment to digital transformation, sustained in this type of networks.

Organizations in the United States are at the forefront in the use of LTE or 5G private networks, followed by countries such as Germany, Japan, China, or the United Kingdom.

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