How does homeworking have accelerated the digitalization in the last two years?

June 21, 2021

Many companies did not contemplate home working until a couple of years ago. After the Covid 19 pandemic, most companies were forced to implement teleworking for their employees, to continue their activity despite restrictions on mobility and people meeting limitations.

The rise of teleworking has revealed the need to digitize companies, organizations and even homes.

Has telework accelerated digitalization?

Teleworking has been an important point for digital transformation. Companies have had to update their IT systems and equipment, invest in cybersecurity and implement digital and cloud work environments in order to allow their workers the ability to develop their tasks from home. 

The limitations to mobility for health reasons have been the trigger for companies to bet on digitization to continue with their business processes. Digitization has been a useful tool to face the problem presented by Covid-19 and the need for teleworking.

Are our smartphones and computers ready to have a higher performance for professional usages?

Two of the fundamental elements in the digitalization process and teleworking are the devices that workers use to access the systems and information of the companies, mainly computers and smartphones.

  • Computers. Desktop computers and laptops need to be updated in order to meet teleworking needs. Using faster and powerful computers allows the tasks to be developed optimally. For example, computers with SSD solid state drives run more smoothly, making teleworking easier.
  • Smartphones. To get the most out of teleworking, it is necessary to use the latest generation smartphone. The new smartphones have functionalities, skills and security systems to use them optimally in a work environment.

The security of computers, smartphones and tablets is another important aspect to use these devices in a professional way. The digitization of the company must prioritize the security of the endpoints so that they can access the systems and business data, under a secure environment. The use of virtual private networks (VPN) and protection software (antivirus and antimalware) allow teleworking to be carried out with minimal risk.

The rise of teleworking has been the main reason why digitization has accelerated. Thanks to new technologies such as IoT devices, 5G networks, solid state drive units and next-generation smartphones and tablets, millions of workers around the world can use teleworking efficiently and safely.

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