IoT Solutions World Congress

April 20, 2022

(Barcelona May 10 to May 12th 2022)

The IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), one of the biggest IoT events in the world, takes place in Barcelona from May 10th to May 12th, in the Fira Gran Via – Hall 4, with game-changing solutions and technologies that helps us to drive the future of the world, disrupt traditional industries, build intelligent and efficient cross-sector ecosystems, inviting us to rethink, reimagine roles and responsibilities to even more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, and more disruptive.

Ensuring COVID, health and safe measures, the IOTWSC is sponsored by companies as AWS, Relayr, Siemens, ABB, Huawei, Libelium, and many other great companies exhibiting their solutions for the digital transformation.

The event is divided in 5 5 horizontal tracks to discuss different themes: Security, Connectivity, Business Optimization, Intelligence, Customer Experience.

The Security Solutions track will explore strategies for protecting the systems, infrastructures and elevate the trust from customer as more and more information are available through IoT devices, discussing Digital Trust from Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Certification, Data Encryption, and on.

The Connectivity Solutions will discuss the flexibility, cost-efficiency, high-performance connectivity for digital transformation strategies, talking about 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Edge Computing, Autonomous Vehicle, Traffic Management, and other great topics.

The Business Optimization Solution discussions drive the understand on how emerging technologies are creating new opportunities for companies to enhance their business, insights, identify gaps and risks, improve processes, and expand offerings on themes like: Digital Twin, VR, 3D Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Fleet Management and on.

The Intelligence Solutions track will discuss on how to transform data into value, as AI and Machine Learning are being combined with IoT and technologies opening new spectrum of possibilities, interpreting relevant and non-structured data. AI, Collaborative Robots, and Deep Learning are some of the themes discussed during the event.

The Customer Experience Solutions brings the use case of companies that illustrate how companies are leveraging customers to deliver personalized experiences in physical world by collecting IoT devices data, with discussion about Health Monitoring, Tracked Ingestible Sensors, Smart Parking, and others.

Featured Speakers are invited to talk about the topics as Jesper Toubol (VP Operations of Lego), Mark Geckeller (DPP Alliance Head of Volkswagen), Marco Ferrogalini (VP & Head of Modelling and Simulations of Airbus), Nicole Raimundo Coughlin (CIO of Town of Cary), Hiroshi Yamamoto (Corporate VP of Digital innovation of Toshiba), and many other great names.

TADTELMAX will be present to deep dive in the upcoming technology solutions, understand the future of IoT, and to continue delivering customer experience to our customers.

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