ISO 17025 addresses Quality and Reliability of the Testing Lab

February 8, 2021

Internationally published in 2000, the ISO 17025 is a global quality standard for Testing and Calibration laboratories. The goal is to promote the reliability of Testing Laboratories operation and to easily identify the Labs that offer the highest quality of service.

The ISO 17025 standard accredits that a Lab executes its tasks with high accuracy delivering high-quality and reliable results.

The accreditation is issued by an accreditation body, responsible for audit the Testing Laboratory and challenge the Lab’s Quality Management System (QMS) using two main clauses: Management Requirements and Technical Requirements. The Management Requirements are related to the operation and effectiveness of the Lab’s Quality Management System. The Technical Requirements are related to the competence of the staff: technical methodologies, equipment, calibration, and report of test results.

As an International Standard and issued by accreditation body member of the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), an international organization for accreditation bodies, so the certificate is recognized internally.

Additionally, to deliver high quality and reliable results, some of benefits of implementing the ISO 17025:

  1. Continuously improve the Lab’s Quality Management System
  2. Ensure Lab Good Practices across the board
  3. Access to more contracts for testing, as some public/private organizations prefers or choose only accredited laboratories
  4. Global reputation of the Laboratory
  5. Documented Testing outcomes

The benefits for Companies seeking a Lab for Testing Services are results accuracy and reliability, processes organization, samples identification, traceability, storage, and the tests are performed under controlled and secure scenarios. Additionally, the company can also count on a constantly trained team, capable of performing the tests required, along with a management team constantly looking for mitigate risks, processes improvement and opportunities.

TADTELMAX is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by UKAS accreditation body and ready to offer all the benefits of an accredited Lab for your Mobile Field Testing!

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