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January 11, 2021

Digitalization is growing day by day all over the world, sadly due to the pandemic situation, but as a great chance to create a new lifestyle where technology will help us to make life better.

In one year, society has evolved six years of technologic way of life, performing and adapting habits to stay safer against COVID-19. Smartphones, laptops and other devices have been essential for staying connected everywhere.

That´s why we´re here. That´s why we have created an unified brand. TAD and TELMAX have the same philosophy and a clear target: make life comfortable, faster time-to-market and build a safe tomorrow for everyone.

We want to be part of the future. We want to help people to make everything easier. We want the max quality for all technology that we check.

We control, test and develop mobile devices to provide the best services all over the world

We´ve been growing for 20 years and nowadays we are present in more than 50 countries with an experienced team. But we won´t stop, we still want to be bigger, better and useful than ever.

Technologic devices evolve constantly, and so we do. We need to stay active and update to offer the best service all over the world. For creating solutions for a moving world.

Connect people is our passion and all our efforts are focused on offering a perfect experience to the final user. We´ve been doing it since the digital revolution, and we will reinvent ourselves constantly to give the highest quality. Cause your best connection experience will always be our goal.

We work today to build a better tomorrow.

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