Mobile World Congress 2022

February 2, 2022

One of the world’s most influential events for the telecommunications industry, the Mobile World Congress is confirmed from Feb-28th to March-3rd in Barcelona. The company that organizes the event, the GSMA, has confirmed the event for those dates, even though the current situation of the COVID-19.

The Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022 takes place in the Fira Gran Vía expecting to host more than 1.500 exhibitors from 150 different countries and around 1000 speakers attending in-person for the event. This year event, the MWC Barcelona brings 6 main themes for a wide discussion: 5G Connect, Advancing AI, CloudNet, FinTech, Internet of Everything and Tech Horizon.

5G Connect

The 5G Connect theme will explore the 5G outlook, business models, uses cases and many other topics as interoperability, covered by topics as 5G for Industry, Sustainability, Partnerships and the 5G to 6G road.

Advancing AI

Advancing AI theme focus on how innovation and intelligence is a game changer for the 4th Industrial Revolution, delivering not only technology but business and industry insights, converting data into information, covering topics as: Data and Automation, Ethics, and Quantum Computing.


Discussing about Cloud Network, the CloudNet theme brings the discussion about edge computing, cloud migration, private, public clouds, OpenRAN and the value creation for players, being the key enabler for scalability of digital transformation, covered on topics like Cloud, Edge, and OpenRAN.


With a significant revenue growth, the FinTech theme discusses how technology enables the innovation, disruptions and remove barriers for the businesses and new trends digital currencies, blockchain, and NFTs, including topics covered as Metaverse, Payment Innovations, and Identity & Security.

Internet of Everything

Another relevant and trend theme, the IoT becoming Internet of Everything as a new step of connected world, discussing how cities, home, industries, offices, and many other places may reimagine and transform spaces being more adaptive, customized and delivery real value to people and businesses. Smart cities, Devices, People, Data, Processes, and Industry Adoption are one of the main topics covered.

Tech Horizon

Among great themes and discussion, it could not miss talking about the future and what to expect next. The Tech Horizon theme brings the discussion on how technology is even more integrated into our day to day, the evolution of technologies and to inspire new generations talking about topics as Creativity, Climate and Diversity aspects.


TADTELMAX will be present in the MWC Barcelona 2022 with all the safety and secure measures, meet our customers, friends, expand our networking and we will love to talk about testing and how to help companies on their go-to-markets and product launches.

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