Our Mobile Field Testing Scope

February 11, 2021

TADTELMAX offers a complete solution for Smartphone, Smart Devices, IoTs, SIM Cards, and more devices for companies that need to perform Field Testing as Pre-Tests, Carrier Tests, Carrier Homologations, Functional and many Field Test scenarios that ensure a high-level quality product and a faster Go-To-Market.

Although, we offer a customized and flexible solution, our two main service offers are: “On-Demand” and “Your Own Team”.

On-Demand service consists of offering Field Testing for companies that requires tests per seasonal projects or validations that requires an immediate start with the right structure: Local Specialist understanding the region, drive tests and routes, equipment, local third-party companies, and SIM Cards capable of performing all network market features. For this service model, we work with clients’ test case and/or we also offer the service for develop a test case based on local network and a strong experience on failures and carrier requirements.

Your Own Team service is aimed for companies that are looking for highly experienced professionals with technical expertise to compound the client’s team and wants to eliminate the time to search, recruit and hiring time. Outsource but have dedicated team working with a smooth onboarding of your team and start your company’s projects faster.

Additionally, as TADTELMAX is present in more than 50+ countries worldwide, you may have a representative person to join and manage a testing in a laboratory or inside a carrier’s office, with the tools and knowledge to perform the required test case or logs/evidence collections for a faster bug fixing. We count on a robust Issue Reporting process.

Some of our Field Testing Scope:

  1. 5G
  2. IMS
    1. VoLTE
    1. VoWiFi
    1. ViLTE
  3. Carrier Aggregation
  4. MIMO
  5. Throughput
  6. Call Processing
  7. Mobility
    1. Reselection
    1. Handover
    1. InterRAT
  8. Dual SIM
  9. Stress Tests

And many more other testing scenarios. Please contact TADTELMAX with you need to perform Field Testing in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa Asia, Oceania, and Latin America: contact@tadtelmax.com

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