Smartphone Field-Testing

May 10, 2023
Smartphone Field-Testing

Smartphones are an in indispensable tool in our day-to-day lives, leading us to rely on the accuracy and reliability of the smartphone performance and the data it delivers, turning Testing very important phase to deliver end-user experience.

Why is it so important?

The performance of smartphones is crucial, as inaccurate, or unreliable data can lead to costly mistakes, project delays, and even safety hazards. Therefore, some tests are very important: Signal strength/quality, data transfer (throughput) performance, GPS accuracy, Voice Calls, Emergency Calls, and Battery Life.

Mobile devices are constantly measuring and sending signal report to network, and an accurate signal strength measurement from the device is essential to ensure the network coverage is adequate, and users can access the service requested. Inaccurate readings of signal strengths may lead users to experience dropped calls, slow data speeds, higher usage of battery, and overall poor service quality. A loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

GPS testing

The tests of GPS or any other Satellite Location Based Systems, as GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, are important to ensure the accuracy of the apps using the information, as navigating to the right place, not missing the signal during the navigation, wrong turns, or even leading us to an unsafe area. Other use cases, as agriculture, use Location Based system to determine where to apply pesticides to a specific area, where inaccurate readings, may lead to apply pesticides in the wrong area.

Battery life testing

Long Battery Life and Power Efficiency tests are essential as our smartphones are companion devices, using them for work and personal activities on the go. A smartphone with a short battery life can cause delays, disrupt workflows, compromise data accuracy, and breakdown communication between people.

TADTELMAX Field-Testing

TADTELMAX has been helping major smartphone brands to test their devices, overseeing issues, and fixing them, leading to more stable performance, faster time-to-market, and better user experience.

Talk to us to find how to test your devices in +50 countries, with a ready to start infrastructure.

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