The 6G White Paper

August 24, 2022

On July 27, 2022, the Vivo Communications Research Institute published its third White Paper and it analyzes both the 6G technology framework and the enabling technologies. Join us to find out what it’s all about.

Key Points

The report “Building a Freely Connected Physical and Digital Integrated World: 6G Services, Capabilities and Enabling Technologies” looks at what the world will look like with 6G and what technologies we need to develop to enable its implementation. Not surprisingly, Vivo experts believe that this new technological reality will shape our lives from the year 2030.

  • Convergence will be key in 6G, merging communication, computing and detection into a single system. Machines will be able to connect with each other or with people!
  • By 2030, telecommunications infrastructures will have to cope with billions of connected devices.
  • Basic telecommunications services will experience a very notable increase with 6G. A good example of them will be holographic communication and immersive mixed reality.
  • The increase in latency, speed and data capacity will be some of the improvements that 6G will bring with respect to 5G.

Enabling Technologies

  1. Need to be introduced and the system architecture redesigned to accommodate the new 6G functionalities.
  2. Introducing an end-to-end cross-layer data plane is key to enabling new intelligent information services.
  3. Achieving extremely low latency will make endpoints much more accessible (which will be key to providing true ubiquitous connectivity).
  4. Increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the 6G network involves investigating the evolution of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technology, and new waveforms.
  5. Integrating sensing and communication will offer new opportunities in the field of cellular wireless networks. The network will become more efficient with native 6G AI and the system will be more flexible and economical with the air interface.


  • 6G technology will become the cornerstone of network information to create a world in which the physical and digital planes are integrated through a free connection.
  • It is necessary to calculate the total demand and cost to define the capacity of the 6G service. To this end, performance and efficiency indicators must be equated.
  • 6G will offer even broader coverage than 5G. To that end, converged computing services will provide their users with end-to-end latency, intelligent services, and guaranteed performance.
  • Ubiquitous connectivity will take place when ELPC reduces barriers to terminal access.
  • The introduction of new waveforms and other technologies will make the 6G spectrum more efficient and flexible.

About Vivo Releases

Vivo is a Chinese technology company specializing in great smart products, devices and services with more than 400 million users worldwide. His goal is to build bridges between human beings and the digital world. Technological innovation, environmental sustainability and design are its main hallmarks. The values of this company are: user orientation, the value of design, continuous learning, teamwork and “Benfen” (attitude of doing things correctly).The Live Communications Research Institute It is an organization founded in 2016 in order to investigate and standardize 5G technology. This entity has presented more than 8,000 proposals in this regard, which has led to the approval of 15 new technical characteristics and 3 projects by 3GPP.

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