What are immersive technologies and how to use them in 5G services

October 6, 2021

Immersive technologies open up a wide range of possibilities in multiple areas (marketing, design, industry, etc.). Did you know that the implementation of 5G provides them with the impulse necessary to deploy all its potential?

What are immersive technologies?

We call immersive technology to any that emulates physical reality through digital tools. This simulation modifies the sensory perception of the user to make him experience a sensation of immersion in the virtual world.

The conditions recreated artificially allow to break barriers space-temporal. In fact, through sufficiently developed technological infrastructures we can perceive this digital universe not only with sight and ear, but also with the remaining senses. The feeling of immersion becomes 100% vivid and touches authenticity!

The enormous possibilities of interaction, united to sensory realism, make these technologies a hugely promising area. Recall that they have a multidisciplinary character that multiplies their applications: from the leisure industry to medicine.

5 types of immersive technologies

  1. Augmented reality (AR): reproduces the real world with the addition of visual or textual components.
  2. Virtual reality (VR): creates an invented universe using artificial elements.
  3. Mixed reality: combines instruments of Augmented reality and virtual reality.
  4. Decreased reality: reproduces the real world, but eliminates existing elements.
  5. Immersive reality: recreate a real place absolutely credible so that we can explore it without physically being in it.

Immersive and 5G technologies: a very promising alliance

5G technology is the fifth generation of mobile networks. The increase in speed that this new advance brings with it will allow to transmit larger amounts of data in much less time.

The improvements of the 5G wireless connectivity suppose a radical change in the way of connecting and communicating. Thus, among its most important features we can stand out:

  • Speed up to 10 Gbps.
  • Latency of only 1 ms.
  • 100% coverage.

This huge technological jump makes it possible to increase considerably the amount and speed of wireless data. The applications that we can give to 5G connectivity are as useful as suggestive: autonomous vehicles, Internet of things … and immersive technologies.

It is evident that immersive technologies need stable and ultra-fast wireless connections to show everything that they are capable to do. The generalized implantation of 5G enables not only to improve existing uses but also to develop new utilities.

The synergy between immersive technologies and 5G is today closer than ever. We know that the new generation of wireless connectivity remarkably improves the realism of immersive experience and increases interactivity.

Connectivity will give to immersive technologies the necessary support to become a habitual part of our lives. Thanks to this, doctors will soon operate at a distance and the experiences of VR videogames will be increasingly intense. In the same way, engineers with Glasses 5G AR will be able to diagnose structural failures in industrial machinery without the need to travel.

In short, the alliance of immersive technologies with the 5G connectivity is already a whole reality. Innovation and speed come together fruitfully to offer us a new hyper digitized reality full of opportunities that we are looking forward to take advantage of.

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