91.5% of European companies consider that adopting IoT solutions is essential for business success

March 2, 2022

To thrive in society, new technologies need to have the approval of companies. So, the latest report “IoT Signals” prepared by Microsoft is of great help to know how companies face the arrival of the Internet of things. This study provides revealing data from interviews with more than 3,000 business leaders from the US, Asia and Europe.

Of course, IoT is one of the most promising applications from the widespread implementation of 5G. Do you want to know how European entrepreneurs perceive this new technological landscape?

The european enterprises before the internet of things

Companies in Europe are firmly committed to the IoT

One of the most revealing data released by “IoT Signals” indicates that 91.5% of European companies consider the adoption of IoT-based solutions necessary. This predisposition is particularly strong in Spain, where 96% of entrepreneurs consider that the Internet of Things is essential for business success (a percentage only surpassed by Chinese companies with 99%).

With these figures, the European enterprises are in the lead when it comes to acceptance of the Internet of Things. In fact, European statistics exceed those offered by American (85%) and Asian (90.3%) companies.

90.8% of the European companies already use IoT solutions

Regarding the effective adoption of IoT solutions, the figures also reflect a good predisposition on the part of European companies. Not surprisingly, 90.8% of companies in Europe have already applied the Internet of Things to their businesses. Special mention deserves the case of Italy, where 95% of those surveyed have already adopted this technology.

When it comes to effectively applying IoT to their business, Europe ranks second in the Microsoft report. Thus, its 90.8% implementation rate is behind US companies (94%) and ahead of Asian companies (89.7%).

The conclusions from Microsoft’s “IoT Signals” study

  • The outbreak of the pandemic accelerated business investment in IoT. The arrival of Covid-19 led 44% of respondents to increase their investment in IoT technology compared to the previous year.
  • Being familiar with emerging technologies accelerates IoT implementation. The statistics reflected a high degree of knowledge of new technologies by European entrepreneurs. Thus, 98.5% know what edge computing is, 95% know AI and 89.2% understand what digital twins are.
  • IoT solutions are applicable to multiple areas. The multifaceted nature of this new technology is demonstrated by the high percentage of satisfaction it generates among European businessmen (98%). In Spain, this versatility is manifested in its use to automate energy networks and reduce the occupational risks of oil companies
  • IoT technologies are essential to improve sustainability. Eco-sustainable development is a priority for 34% of those surveyed. In particular, 73% of companies with Net Zero emissions goals see the IoT as the ideal means to achieve this goal.

In short, the recent Microsoft report makes it clear that the IoT has a promising future ahead of it. Certainly, the massive implementation of 5G connectivity and the fact of having the approval of European companies allow us to glimpse endless possibilities that we are wishing to explore.


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