All about 6G

August 31, 2021

We are still in the implementation period of 5G technology around the world and many voices are already talking about its successor. The sixth version of mobile connectivity is already beginning to appear on the horizon, although it’s actually true that it will be in the relatively distant future.

As with 4G networks, and as is currently happening with 5G, the emergence of 6G technology is also expected to revolutionize the market.

What is 6G?

6G will be the sixth-generation of wide-area wireless technology that will replace 5G networks and it will probably bring improvements such as connection speeds up to 100 times faster and lower latency (according to the estimation of many experts).

What advantages will it bring?

The mobile telephony industry is focused on the implementation of 5G, so one can only speculate on the benefits that 6G will bring.

Among those possible advantages are:

  • Bandwidth between 1 and 8 TB.
  • Intelligent connectivity with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Uses Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to improve indoor coverage.
  • Uses of Visible Light Communications.
  • Uses THz (Terahertz) frequencies (more penetration with less attenuation).
  • Virtualization technology to decrease the costs of networking equipment.
  • Improvements in the areas of image analysis, presence technology, and location awareness.
  • Include services like 3D coverage framework, holographic communications and high precision manufacturing.

How is it different from 5G?

In addition to improving the capabilities of 5G, the use of artificial intelligence and virtualization will allow 6G to reduce costs and improve the use of other technologies such as virtual or augmented reality.

The main differences between 5g and 6g are:

  • 5G the connection speed is measured in gigabytes, while in 6G it is measured in terabytes.
  • 6G technology will consume less power than current 5G.
  • The equipment required for 6G will cost less.
  • The number of simultaneous connections will be higher in 6G networks.

When will it arrive?

Many experts, telephone operators and mobile manufacturers, place the appearance of 6G networks for the year 2030. Huawei announces deployment of 6G network technology by 2030 and the Chinese government has already launched satellites to test THz systems.

Wireless generations are standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and occur every 10 years, so the date of 2030 for the appearance of 6G seems right (ITU itself spoke in 2019 of a hybrid network and a 5G update, ITM-2030).

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