GCF Certification – Field Trials

August 31, 2021

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is a partnership between Mobile Network Operators, Test Laboratories, Mobile Device Manufacturers, and Industry Players delivering an independent Certification Program to ensure global interoperability among devices and networks, by creating, discussing, and maintaining the compliance of devices in mobile networks with standards and specifications. It means that a device that works properly in a mobile network A also works properly in a mobile network B.

Many Mobile Network Operators worldwide require the GCF Certification as mandatory evidence of the performance of a device, ensuring that such device will work accordingly in their networks under different scenarios.

The GCF Field Trials require that the tests shall be executed not only in one country, in one network, but different mobile networks with different infrastructure. The GCF Field Trials require Mobility, Handovers, Throughput, and many other test cases as Roaming.

TADTELMAX is accredited by GCF (Global Certification Forum) as a Recognized Test Organization to perform Field Trials and help Device Manufacturers to certify their products.

Our local presence in Europe, in more than 20+ countries, strategically placed, facilitates to execution of the GCF Field Trials. We can cover all infrastructure testing scenarios with no travel restrictions and less travel cost, by using our local specialists. A local solution for a global strategy.

TADTELMAX is ISO 17025 accredited, demonstrating its commitment to reliability and consistency of results, the excellence of quality level, and experience in field testing leading to a status of GCF RTO.   

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