Mobile Network Testing

August 31, 2021

Mobile Networks have several configurations and aspects to work properly to offer the best solution to end-user, that uses different devices to access the network, requesting different services like voice calls, video calls, streaming, downloads, uploads, and many others that can nowadays, be also combined.

One wrong configuration in the network, low signal, and power (as many other scenarios) may not deliver the best experience to end-user by dropping a voice call, stopping streaming, cannot complete a download, or even use more the battery of a device searching for networks.

Drive Tests are often used for mapping shadows in signal footprint, to find a spot with a bad coverage that should not be there, handovers commands that can overload the network, and many other tests as throughputs are performed to ensure the live mobile network is working as desired.

Roaming Tests are also keen for partnerships among carriers. Using our local specialists present in more than 50+ countries worldwide, can easily help the mobile carriers to perform Roaming test with less or no travel required and restrictions.

TADTELMAX is specialized in performing high-quality Field Testing for mobile devices, modules, optical, and many other devices as IoT devices in several countries worldwide.

TADTELMAX also works with Mobile Carriers offering a turnkey solution for their Field Testing team as on-demand Field Testing.

When performing the test cases under live network, is also possible to check several mobile network aspects and find some performance issues or configurations. Additional to our expertise in mobile technologies, we are ready to test live mobile networks.

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