Blockchain as a technological vision

January 18, 2021

Even though it’s true that the beginnings of “Blockchain” are related to the appearance of cryptocurrencies as “bitcoin”, this technology has extended to different economic and technological areas.

¿What is a blockchain phone?

A blockchain phone is essentially very similar to any other smartphone in regards to its operative system. The difference is in its safety characteristics, with higher and more protected security mechanisms.

This unique aspect of the blockchain phones is what allows the conservation of the personal data. All the information remains completely private to the user, with no data given to Google or any other online company.

Thanks to this modern tool, users feel safer when it comes to saving data in their devices.

Scopes and applications

The main scope of the blockchain technology focuses on an open and decentralized database. It registers every virtual transaction and functions through consent thanks to its peer-to-peer network mechanism.

Decentralization of the internet and identity management

A peer-to-peer network is equally distributed and verified by all its participants. It doesn’t require a central authority nor third parties to act as intermediaries.

In this way, blockchain technology gives you direct access and control to identity management.

Cloud storage protection

With other traditional technology systems, the personal data that you save in your cloud storage is at risk.

Blockchain technology increments safety and privacy of all your stored information through the eradication of a third party’s access requirement. This protects your data avoiding its external manipulation.

There is no doubt that the solution for making cloud storage safer is using blockchain systems.

Registry and verification of your data

Using a password for your personal online information doesn’t guarantee security. The best authentication mechanism is blockchain technology, which uses cryptographic principles to verify your identity.

Blockchain authentication eradicates the possibility of malicious modifications of your passwords and other protection systems. This is due to the fact that the majority of the network goes through a verification process of its validity.

This prevents hackers and malwares from interfering on your private accounts, ensuring the safety of your private information.

What’s the use of Blockchain phones?

Blockchain phones are smartphones focused on the cryptographic world. These types of mobile devices give you access to a decentralized 3.0 web.

On this version of the internet, block chains and other similar technologies support the decentralized applications, also known as “dapps”.

What are “Dapps”?

Dapps are programs that work independently of control points or central servers. Their function is regulated by a decentralized network, in which users are the ones who control their data.

The future of technology

Blockchain technology’s new revolution has finally arrived. Big mobile technology and software development companies from all around the world have launched new smartphones models with this innovative blockchain system.

These are cellular devices with a higher level of security, making it much easier to recover passwords and access codes. The blockchain phones are capable of executing any decentralized app, giving you full control of your information.

Details of the Blockchain smartphones

To get familiarized with more of the peculiarities of the blockchain smartphones, here are some of their most important details.


The physical characteristics of a blockchain smartphones have a very futuristic feel, matching their advanced functions.

An extra-thin screen size is guaranteed on these kind of devices. Some of them include an assembly set, which allows users to build the phone’s design however they please.

The design of blockchain smartphones is set to make the user feel maximum control of their device both on the outside and on the inside.


Since the blockchain technology is all about organization, its software turns out to be very safe and efficient. Every node of this network stores an exact copy of the chain, guaranteeing availability of your data at all times.

This makes each piece of information that is stored into the device extra protected with the blockchain mechanisms.

Wallets and storage

These mobile devices include the marvelous blockchain wallets, which ensure first class security as the world’s most reliable virtual money exchange service.

It gives you total regulation of your funds, with high protection to non-authorized access.

This service allows you to receive and send money quickly and effectively for buying, selling or exchanging transactions on the palm of your hands.

Another relevant aspect about these devices is their wide storage capacity, helping you save all the archives that you want.

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