We are ready to test 5G

January 14, 2021

The 5G Technology, the fifth cellular network generation, brings new possibilities for businesses and people, by significantly improving and delivering reliable connectivity with no lag, enabling real-time, mission-critical communication as vehicles and medical procedures, immersive experiences as VR, AR, and remote management of devices, taking the solutions to the next level.  

One foundation element of 5G is the Advanced Wireless Technologies, offering performance and efficiency, with three general designations:  

1. eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband)  

Gigabit LTE, mmWave, Massive MIMO, and Spectrum Sharing are some of the technologies that will deliver intensive data and lots of bandwidth for solutions like immersive gaming and VR. 

2. uRLLC (Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications)  

Solutions as autonomous vehicles and medical procedures require lag-free, extremely high security, availability, and reliability for mission-critical controls.  

3. Massive IoT 

Also known as mMTC (Massive Machine Type Communications), Massive IoT enables a seamless connection of a massive number of lowcost, low energy devices while mass-scale data rates.  

Besides hours of theoretical training in NSA (Non-StandAlone), SA (StandAlone), DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing), mmWave, and many others. From helping a Mobile Carrier to test their network and the devices to perform 5G Field Testing for Device Manufacturers, our team has already worked on 5G projects towards a solid background in 5G Field Testing and Log Analysis.  

We are ready to perform Field Testing for your 5G device in more than 50+ countries worldwide with the right infrastructure and help your company find issues in advance and on a faster Go-To-Market.  

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