Field testing: all the possibilities of this service

January 4, 2023
Field testing

What Are Field Tests 

The field test of a product or technology consists of analyzing its operation in the place where it is going to be used to guarantee that it meets quality standards. They are therefore different from lab testing or production testing in the development environment.

For example, mobile field testing assures us that the device is viable in the context where it is intended to be used. Among the parameters that are checked are the quality of the signal and the load on the network.

We say that a mobile field test is end-to-end (E2E) when the test is performed end-to-end. In this way, a reliable approach to the perspective of the end user is obtained, being able to identify possible problems in any phase of the user experience.

Description Of Possible Applications

Truly, any product or service capable of being used can be reviewed through a field test: from a missile to a 5G network. The enormous versatility of this technology makes it the best ally for manufacturers when it comes to distributing their products.

  • Electronic devices (modules and chipsets, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, headsets, cameras, VR and XR, POS and payment devices…).
  • Connectivity (IoT, Wi-Fi, eCall, Bluetooth, DTAG, call service, SIM card, IMS, emergency calls, operator aggregation, messaging…).
  • Services for operators and manufacturers of devices (personalization and certification, personal on demand, mobility and driving tests…).

Main Applications Currently


We could not understand our day to day without smartphones, now converted into true pocket computers. Among the most common field tests are: IMS (VoLTE, VoWiFi, ViLTE, RCS), 5G, 4G and GCF.


Headphones have undergone a spectacular technological evolution in recent times. Competition between manufacturers is very tough and users are increasingly demanding! Take the quality of these gadgets to the next level with field tests such as bluetooth LE, TWS or long range. 


Nobody doubts the enormous importance that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks currently have. Consider, for example, device charging, file sharing, or remote control via the IoT. At this point, field tests can be about network range, airplane mode, VoWiFi, Wi-Fi 6, or wireless range. 

TADTELMAX and Field Testing

At TADTELMAX we are the result of uniting the experience of three companies: TAD (Testers and Devices), DIT (Device in Test), and TELMAX. Thanks to this, we have been providing a complete Field Testing service in more than fifty countries for more than two decades. Not surprisingly, we have the ISO 17025 quality certificate.

Our company offers end-to-end mobile field tests in all corners of the world. Thanks to this, our clients can be 100% sure that their software, solution or device is capable of fully satisfying their end users.

If you need a Field Testing service that makes a difference, we have three different ways to help you:

  • Tests on personalized demand.
  • Staff on demand (perfect for projects or specific moments).
  • Dedicated staff (the fastest and cheapest way to get specialists).

Whatever the software or device you are developing, rely on our field tests to provide an unbeatable experience for your users.

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