GCF CAG and FTAG Meetings Q1 2023 in Dubai 

February 8, 2023

The Global Certification Forum meetings are back with physical meetings and this time in Dubai.  

The CAG and FTAG meetings were hosted by du Telecom and Mr. Fathi Abdeldayem in Dubai at Sheraton Hotel, and ministered by the GCF team, gathering members of GCF to discuss the technical aspects of the GCF certification, with major Mobile Carriers, Manufacturers, and important players of the industry.  

TADTELMAX attended the event to understand new conformities requirements, revisions, news of the testing processes, and most importantly, expand our networking, making friends, and new partnerships.  

If you need to test your device for GCF, we are ready to provide the GCF Field Trial.  

Let’s talk about GCF Field Trials: 

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