How 5G will transform learning from early years to in-work training

February 3, 2022

The recent coronavirus pandemic revealed everything that digitization could do to learning in any of its stages. With the arrival of 5G, the possibilities of digitized education are considerably multiplied. We are facing a new training era that is much more agile, efficient and global!

Unlimited Training Opportunities

The emergence of 5G is profoundly changing the training of workers in the opinion of job training experts.

Mixed reality applications are succeeding in increasing the loyalty of workers, while making training cheaper and learning faster. In fact, in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, the introduction of AR and VR-based training allows the transition from theory to practice to be carried out more smoothly and efficiently.

It is clear that the hyper-fast connectivity provided by 5G is key to making educational models a reality that we could only dream of a few years ago. Such is the case with mixed reality, XR headsets, and tactile internet.

The learning experience becomes much more immersive and enjoyable thanks to 5G. That, not to mention the economic and environmental advantages of being able to train ourselves without having to travel.

Private 5g Networks: Essential For Safe Training

The more connectivity advances, the more scrupulous we must be about the security of our connections. This is especially true when it comes to learning that takes place both in the workplace and in the academic environment.

Only with private 5G networks is it possible to distribute educational content safely. This is essential when it comes to information of a sensitive nature (such as the results of academic research or business secrets).

Greater QoS connectivity is, therefore, ideal for sharing learning materials with total security according to the needs specified by the university itself.

The New Era Of Education And Training Is Here

More and more companies and academic centers are determined to take advantage of all the benefits associated with 5G. Not in vain, the new technologies have more than enough potential to implement a genuine educational revolution.

Of course, training in all its stages is one of the areas most receptive to digitization. Certainly, everything that 5G can offer is of great help to significantly improve the work of teachers and students.

The Covid-19 crisis highlighted the possibilities that digitization can offer us at all educational levels. Thus, from primary education to professional training, they have been profoundly transformed by the latest generation of wireless connectivity.

It is easy to understand the positive influence that 5G connectivity has when it comes to eliminating the barriers imposed by physical attendance. From now on, teachers and students will be able to enjoy geographical ubiquity and avoid the risks inherent in dangerous work environments. All this without forgetting the important saving of time and money that digitization implies.

With 5G, much more memorable and immersive learning becomes a reality, capable of prioritizing the experiential phenomenon and improving practical skills. All we need to democratize this training revolution is to have the right infrastructure. Thus, very soon we will be able to benefit from a hyper-optimized training that knows no limits.

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