How telcos can create value with multi-faceted automation

November 9, 2021

Growth is the objective of any telecommunications company. Multi-faceted automation proves to be the best way to achieve this. In fact, its enormous possibilities make it a powerful tool to your business. Still do not know all its possibilities?

Data: the great challenge of telecommunications

The management and processing of data transmitted over the networks is not proving profitable for telecommunications companies. In reality, this problem can be seen on two clearly defined fronts:

  • Data generated by online traffic. The huge demand from consumers, together with the cheapening of transmission, jeopardizes its profitability. This trend has increased notably with the arrival of 5G and unlimited data packages.
  • Critical information from clients, apps, networks and devices. It is a very valuable resource, as long as you have the appropriate tools to manage it. The Silicon Valley giants have been able to take advantage of this vein, but telecommunications companies are lagging behind in this regard.

Passive polling: the solution to the problems of telcos?

The strategy for meeting the challenges we have just seen begins with using passive probing technology. Thanks to it, telcos can get all the data they need to start making profits.

The success of passive polling requires thinking big:

  • Its use should not be limited to simple network operations, and it can be used for multiple purposes (eg: commercial).
  • It is highly recommended to integrate the data obtained with other data from internal and external sources. With this, it is possible to assemble an actionable intelligence capable of adding value to the company.

Multi-faceted Automation: Key to Taking Growth to the Next Level

Mere data collection is not enough to implement effective improvements due to its abundance and complexity. For this reason, automated processing is an inalienable need (even more so with the arrival of 5G). In addition, we can equip it with intelligence through continuous training of algorithms based on historical data.

Some benefits of its implementation:

  • Improved customer service: Automated intelligence is very useful to guide younger consumers, eager to self-solve their problems. Likewise, it offers instant and permanent availability to all those who wish to contact the customer service. Equipping your workers with this technology will allow them to solve problems in a more agile and intuitive way. Imagine how positive all this can be for your business clients in the B2B and B2C sector!
  • Your network operators will also benefit from this technology. The use of data in real time is the perfect solution to optimize your networks. What’s more, they will be able to anticipate problems even before they occur.

When it comes to implementing smart automated analytics, bet on a winning solution. Such is the case with Subtonomy: a software focused on the customer experience. Flexible, versatile and powerful, this comprehensive tool is just what you need to provide the best service in the 5G era.

Definitely, the integration of data from both internal and external sources, the multi-faceted automation of its analysis and the exchange of intelligence are essential for telcos. Add value to your business and improve your customer service with Subtonomy.

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