IoT is improving the world

April 1, 2021

5G´s arrival it’s gonna make digitalization faster than ever and Internet of Things (IoT) technology will benefit from it. IoT development is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and in this new scenario in which social contact is limited, communication between devices and different tools can be of great help to stay connected. 

Smart house will be a reality thanks to IoT 

IoT predictions for 2021 

IoT will be one of the biggest trends of 2021, it will play a key role in the way we live, work and interact. This year the capacities will be improved to a better use the technologies available. 5G technology will allow the simple and efficient interconnection of millions of smart devices, and both the public and private sectors will increase their investment in IoT. 

Enterprises are implementing day by day more technologies, creating news channels to work and upgrading the logistics of their offices due to IoT implementation and also optimizing the supply chain to deliver products faster to customers. 

Growth of mobile IoT technologies 

Mobile IoT refers to IoT managed by standardized secure operators, with features such as: 

  • Networks designed for IoT applications that are low cost (LPWA or low power wide area) 
  • Use low data rates 
  • Require long battery lives 
  • Ability to operate in remote and hard to reach locations 

This type of networks will play a decisive role in connecting up the billions of new devices and also will be decisive in the expansion of IoT. 

Supply chain digitalisation accelerates 

The intensive use of IoT devices during 2021 will optimize the supply chain and reduce delivery times. The companies will deliver the products to their customers in less time and at a lower cost. Users will be the greatest beneficiaries of the great impact of IoT in the supply chain during 2021, receiving a more agile and higher quality service. 

Adoption of 5G IoT by the manufacturing industry 

5G technology will allow the industrial sector to use a multitude of smart devices and sensors to optimize its manufacturing processes. Connectivity in manufacturing processes is linked to the use of fixed cabling, a costly and difficult-to-scale system. The irruption of 5G networks will make the sector change to a more flexible and scalable wireless IoT technology. 

In 2021 IoT will experience the necessary impulse to start revolutionizing the world. 5G networks will be essential to be able to connect billions of devices and sensors that will facilitate remote monitoring, improve the supply chain, optimize production processes, and make our day-to-day more comfortable. 

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