DTAG Tests

April 29, 2021

The largest European Telecommunications Mobile Operator, the Deutsche Telekom AG, as known as DTAG, is headquartered in Germany at Bonn, a city on the banks of the Rhine. Deutsche Telekom AG, DTAG, was launched in 2015 after the Deutsche Bundespost was privatized, now ranked in 86 of Fortune 500 companies in 2020. DTAG operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brands T-Mobile and T-Systems, and operates in several countries and regions such as Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and North America. In April 2020, Sprint was merged and owned by T-Mobile.  

As DTAG operates widely in Europe, the mobile operators have a unique Carrier Homologation Test Case, called DTAG Tests, which ensures that specific parameters are configured in the mobile device connected to their network. The DTAG tests are controlled by the mobile operators of the group and are requested for countries as Germany, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and others. 

For the DTAG tests, the Mobile Carriers issue Technical Customization Documents that indicate the parameters to be followed and configured in the mobile device depending on the device’s capabilities.

The DTAG tests require vast technical experience from the Testers running the test case and prior knowledge on logging tools analysis along with 3GPP standards, as every test case needs to deep dive into the log files, detailing and analyzing parameters of messages and their fields, in order to ensure the customization required by the carrier comparing with the Technical Customization Documents.

Besides Technical Background, the Tester must possess a strong detail-oriented approach, as every detail as icons, time, bit, etc matters. For a tiny example, if the Device supports IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), the P-Access-Network-Info (PANI) must comply with Technical Documents and 3GPP standards. This test requires the Tester to deep dive into the log file and check the PANI header information for validating a test.

TADTELMAX is present in all countries, with Local Specialists, where the DTAG tests are commonly requested and our team is ready to immediately start testing the DTAG Tests and help your Company to certify your product in DTAG Carriers faster.

Count on our 20+ years of experience performing Test Cases and solid background on DTAG for a rapid solution, removing obstacles or rework.

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