How much time do Smartphones need to be launched on markets?

May 21, 2021

Today, Smartphones are essential devices that we use to multitask like communicate, buy online, bank procedures, telework, and many other processes. These devices have become a necessary tool for our lives, both personally and at work. 

Every year a big number of new Smartphone models come up to the market, but do we know how long do they take to be developed? 

How long does it take to develop a smartphone? 

Smartphone development is a complex process that requires a large amount of resources human, material and technological. The team behind the design of these devices is typically between 150 to 180 professionals, which measures the magnitude of this development projects. Engineers, designers, computer scientists and many other profiles, participate in this process to create the Smartphone. 

The manufacturing process and development of a Smartphone have different stages, among which are: 

  • Mechanics. Integrate the components into the chassis of the equipment. 
  • Software. Develop unique phone features, applications and functions. 
  • Hardware. Design of the electronic boards and their different components. 
  • Industrial design. Working together with the hardware and mechanics teams, they design and develop the device design. 
  • Quality test. Tests are performed to verify that Smartphone functions are working correctly. 

Specialists in certain areas join in the development cycle of a Smartphone to adjust and enhance important aspects of the device, such as the focus of the cameras or the quality of the screen. 

The average time that a smartphone usually takes from the beginning of its design, until the last performance and quality test is passed, is from nine to twelve months. This time may vary depending on the type of device and the company that manufactures it. 

How long does it take for a smartphone to be launched on the market? 

When the Smartphone passes all the quality controls and is ready to be launched, it is necessary to prepare it properly. In this phase, the device must be properly packed in its boxes and supplied to the distributors, who will be in charge of delivering them to the stores. 

This whole process can take a few weeks, so another month must be added to the time that it takes to be available in the market. 

We have seen how the process to design and develop a Smartphone is complex and involves the participation of many people. We can conclude that the time it usually takes for this type of device to reach the end user is approximately one year, since its development begins. 

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