Starlink launching new satellites to improve communications

June 3, 2021

Elon Musk’s communications company Starlink does not stop in its project to create a network of satellites around the planet to improve communications worldwide. With the launch of new satellites, the company is closer and closer to achieve its objectives, and large companies like Google have begun to bet on it, partnering to use its services.

What is Starlink

Starlink is an Elon Musk company that intends to offer satellite communications services. To do this, Starlink is creating a huge network of small satellites around the earth, in order to bring high-speed internet access to any corner of the world. 

The company’s goal is to have 12,000 satellites in orbit to provide full coverage throughout the planet. It is intended that by the end of 2021 its coverage will be practically global, so we are in a crucial year for this project.

How Starlink improves communications

Starlink does not intend to compete with 5G networks or fiber optics, rather presents itself as a complementary option. With the satellite network, Starlink will offer high-speed internet connection in remote areas or in areas where the cost of other communication infrastructures is too expensive or difficult to set.

Google Alliance with Elon Musk

With the recent agreement between Google, Starlink and Space X (Elon Musk’s space company), Musk’s communications project receives a great boost thanks to the collaboration of the most important company on the internet worldwide.

This agreement will enable satellite internet connectivity to offer access to Google Cloud services in remote areas of the world, with this great strategic action, it moves against its main cloud service competitors (Amazon and Microsoft, mainly).

Bringing the internet to rural areas

Starlink continues with the project of bringing the internet to rural areas. In Spain, it has registered two companies with the purpose of offering internet access in currently unpopulated or neglected areas.

The connection kit (€ 499 cost) can now be reserved and the cost of the service will be € 99 per month.

The company is carrying out similar actions in many countries around the world such as Italy or Germany in Europe or Argentina and Brazil. In countries such as Japan or India, Starlink has already requested the corresponding permits to start operating.

Most of the projects Elon Musk presented years ago looked like something out of a science fiction novel, but little by little it has shown that all his projects are becoming real, as is the case with Starlink to provide high-speed internet access worldwide.

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