Telecommunications trends 2022

December 16, 2021

The recent health crisis has put telecom operators to the test. Not in vain, the sector has faced great challenges based on living a period of flourishing technological innovation. Certainly, we still have many advances to discover … And everything indicates that a good part of them will be unveiled in 2022.

Cloud services, 5G, AI … In the XXI century, telecommunications are evolving at a really accelerated rate. It is essential that companies make the most of their resources so as not to be left behind in the midst of this dizzying panorama.

These are the 3 technological trends that will reign in 2022

  • 5G connectivity: basic to implement the latest technological trends

Everything indicates that 2022 will mark a turning point in the development of 5G technology. Consequently, next year will be decisive for its widespread implementation. In fact, the telecommunications sector is undergoing substantial investment to achieve this goal.

Democratizing access to 5G is a non-negotiable requirement to take the digital revolution to the next level. Ultra-fast, stable and secure connections are the cornerstone on which future technological innovations (such as AI and IoT) will be built. Thus, teleoperators will stop being mere technology distributors to become authentic service providers.

As a result of large investments and the promising future ahead of 5G, this type of connection is expected to gain muscle in Europe, Asia and North America. In particular, it is foreseeable that they will reach 20% of global connectivity in these territories by 2025.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most striking consequences of the development of 5G is the internet of things. This technology allows us to connect all kinds of physical objects to the Internet. The possible applications of this trend are as numerous as they are promising (home automation, telemedicine, smart clothing, etc.).

2022 will give the final push to the IoT thanks to the progress of 5G networks. In this way, our manner of relating to the environment will be intensely improved by hyperconnectivity. Both cities and our homes will become intelligent to facilitate our day to day.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Of course, artificial intelligence will be another of the great protagonists of 2022 due to the impulse of 5G technology. Machine learning and Big Data will bring with them automatic networks capable of self-optimizing to the point of anticipating errors and proactively solving them.

In 2021 we have witnessed a progressive process of sophistication of algorithms and learning machine, a trend that will gain strength in 2022. Consequently, telecommunications companies will be able to apply these advances to improve their productivity through predictive resolution of problems and the offer of new experiences for customers.

Conclusion: 2022 will mark a milestone in the telecommunications sector

2021 has been the year of recovery for telecommunications companies. 2022 will offer the right moment to take the initiative on the path to technological progress. To that end, the possibilities provided by 5G connections only pave the way for such innovations to become a reality.

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