Using 5G to supercharge business for a post-Covid economy recovery

December 13, 2021

The coronavirus has seriously damaged the health of SMEs… And the global economic recovery depends on them. Did you know that the widespread implementation of 5G is just what companies need to leave the crisis behind?

Mission: save SMEs

SMEs: the big victims of Covid-19

SMEs make up the bulk of the world economy. Unfortunately, these types of businesses are the ones that have been most affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus. That is why it is essential to help them overcome this bump.

Encouraging growth (and not just survival) is the best support we can provide to SMEs to recover from the pandemic. At this point, the next-generation telecommunications sector is revealed as a powerful engine of recovery for such companies.

5G: a solution to the problem of SMEs?

In the opinion of experts, the implementation of 5G holds the key to revitalize SMEs in multiple aspects. Certainly, the potential of this novel technology could not be more promising. Consider, for example, the increase in productivity involved in managing robotic arm equipment remotely and in real time.

5G connectivity has everything necessary to push SMEs into the future, taking their competitiveness and progress to a level that was recently unthinkable. Not surprisingly, it is proven that companies that use this technology manage to reduce their costs, speed up their production and promote their research capacity.

The post-pandemic comeback necessarily goes through 5G

The new economy will be digital or it will not be

Home confinement, social distance, closure of non-essential commercial premises … It is evident that teleworking and online commerce have experienced a notable increase during the pandemic.

This new situation particularly affected sectors such as medicine, online games and ecommerce. Of course, the wireless connections lived up to the circumstances, but the correct thing from a business point of view would be not to settle for this and go much further.

The new possibilities that 5G brings

SMEs will need much more than moderately fast and stable connections to overcome the coronavirus crisis. 5G connectivity constitutes, precisely, a long-awaited life jacket that comes in the form of efficiency, sustainability, and low cost.

The high performance of this hyper-fast technology has a lot to offer a damaged SMEs. A good example of this are the IoT and AI, which have infinite applications in all kinds of sectors (eg: building automation, sensors to optimize agricultural performance, etc.).

What role do governments play in the implementation of 5G?

The widespread and ultra-optimized implementation of connectivity is a task that relapse into the hands of governments. The undeniable economic and environmental benefits derived from this new technology make them catalysts for investment.

We can affirm that if governments do their job well, we will enjoy a highly rapid and democratic 5G rollout. Thus, once it is clear what the solution is to refloat the crisis of SMEs, there are no excuses for not getting down to work as soon as possible. It is time to bet heavily on technological innovation, since it is at its optimum point of maturity!

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