Telefónica and Microsoft strengthen their technological relationship

March 10, 2023

The alliance signed since 2019 between Telefónica and Microsoft is strategic to modernize telecommunications. In fact, both companies intend to collaborate within the scope of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, as they themselves announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2023.

Telefónica and Microsoft: Towards greater collaboration in programmable networks through APIs

The GSMA Open Gateway initiative is a comprehensive project through which operators enable developers, companies and cloud service providers to access their network and telecommunications infrastructures.  These synergies are achieved through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) of interoperable networks.

One of the characteristics that will most influence future networks is the Quality of Service (QoS) API.  Moreover, it is called upon to provide innovative services in real time characterized by low latency and high bandwidth consumption. It is easy to guess the crucial role that cloud service companies will play here.

It is interesting to note that Telefónica reaches this cooperation holding an advantageous position.  Not surprisingly, the Spanish multinational has vast experience in regards to Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). It also stands out for presenting an advanced state of digitization thanks to Telefónica Kernel.

With a perspective that puts consumer satisfaction at the forefront, Telefónica Kernel makes the development of new digital solutions possible. In fact, it is the pillar on which future advances in programmable networks through Open Gateway are based.

These are some of its most interesting use cases

One of the most interesting points of the presentation made by Microsoft and Telefónica at the MWC was the presentation of the first use cases developed by the company. They all have in common the fact that they are based on an initial set of Telco APIs that can already be used.

  • Video game sector: Movistar Tokens program and cloud gaming linked to web3.
  • Communications sector:the Movistar Immersive Experience app (available for the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses) have already made it possible to make video calls in the metaverse.
  • Financial sector:in Brazil, Vivo and Daycoval have collaborated to make transactions more secure. For its part, Telefónica enables payment through the telephone bill in the Kanto Living App.

New technologies at the service of developers

Within the Open Gateway, Telefónica has also launched an Early Adopter Program for developers. Its objective is to provide them with access to new Telco services through interoperable, open APIs and in a real environment. It is worth noting that this is a free program intended to allow developers to access an API repository on a pre-commercial basis.

This project is the result of Telefónica’s cooperation withGoogle Cloud, Vonage,  Microsoft y Amazon Web Services (AWS). It should be noted that, although it is only available in Spain, we will soon see it in other countries.

This Early Adopter Program will make it possible for developers to create new use cases Vonage Communications Platform, Microsoft’s Azure Programmable Connectivity y en los marketplaces de AWS y Google Cloud.

Towards a big boost in internal development processes

One of the main objectives of this business alliance is to streamline the work of developers and business innovation. That is why both companies are committed to integrate its internal development platform (GitHub Enterprise) with tools provided with cloud services (MS Azure) and AI (GitHub Copilot).

GitHub will provide the latest version of its services to Telefónica and will do what is necessary to align its technology with the goals of the multinational. Certainly, the alliance of Telefónica, Microsoft and GitHub shows that AI can be used to optimize software development.

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