The Importance of Carrier PreTests

March 16, 2021

Besides GCF and PTCRB certifications, many Mobile Network Operators have their own Approval Tests, also known as Homologation Tests, certifying the interoperability of Mobile/IoT Devices with their network, mainly when a manufacturer is selling a product to a Mobile Operator.

The Carrier Homologation Tests are an important step for Manufacturers that require to perform the Official Tests along with Carrier and ensure the interoperability of the device with the carrier network. Carriers prepare their Test Cases, considering critical scenarios, which demand high interactions between the device and the network, such as handovers, throughputs, frequency changing, inter radio technologies, and many others.

Finding a failure during the Carrier Homologation Tests means that the device under testing requires a fix, incurring more development time, test the new software version, ensure no side effects, and, most of the time, another round of Carrier Homologation Tests leading to a direct impact on project costs.

Performing the Pretest is a key solution to avoid finding failures in Carrier Homologation Tests, by overseeing and anticipating issues found in Pretest, develop a fix earlier, and may shorten the reliability test using a more stable version. The Pretest helps to deliver a stable software version to the Carrier Homologation Tests and a smoother Approval, saving time and costs.

Some Carriers has opted to turn the Pretest mandatory, requiring Vendors to perform on their own the Pretest and providing an official Pretest report. Therefore, Vendors are more prepared for the Carrier Homologation Tests, using less resources, lower approval time, reducing costs and a faster time-to-market.

Besides the Carrier Homologation Tests, performing Pretests helps to launch a more stable device, delivering a better end-user experience, and also may help to find hidden failures that would impact in network and for the end-user usability.

The key point is: How to perform a Carrier Pretest?

Knowing how to perform the Test Scenarios, the Drive Routes, owning the right infrastructure and tools, is essential for a rapid and precise Carrier Pretest.

TADTELMAX owns the Carrier Homologation Test process of some carriers, performing the official tests along with Vendors, delivering to our team a strong and deep technical expertise on how to perform the Carriers Homologation Tests and their Pretests. Our local presence in more than 50+ countries, and local specialists, deliver the right combination for performing the Carrier Pretest to your devices.

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