Will be noticed when 2G and 3G will be switched off?

March 15, 2021

The appearance of the 5G network will mean the shutdown of the 2G and 3G networks as their spectrum needs to be occupied by this new technology. Although 5G will bring important improvements for telecommunications, the shutdown of the 2G and 3G lines can have serious consequences as many companies, processes and apps depend on them right now. 

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks 

When 2G and 3G will be switched off? 

The dates for the 2G and 3G networks to be switched off have been maintained for years, which suggests that the shutdown plan is closed. By 2025, all the frequencies that 2G and 3G occupy should be free to be used by 4G and 5G

Depending on the operators in each country, the shutdown dates of these networks will vary. In Mexico, for example, the shutdown of the 2G network has already been announced, although in Europe things will go slower (3G will turn off before 2G). In the United States, operators are already in the process of shutting down the 2G and 3G networks to free up their frequencies for the use of 5G. In Brazil, 3G networks will be the first to be turned off while the 2G network will be the last to be shut down due to the use of M2M applications (machine to machine). 

What are the risks of shutting down 2G and 3G networks? 

When 2G and 3G networks are no longer available, serious problems can occur such as: 

  • Users without mobile coverage. If 2G and 3G networks stop working, many customers who still use them will be left without coverage if they have not made the switch to 4G or 5G. 
  • Obsolescence. Numerous devices still use 2G and 3G networks to communicate, such as point of sale payment terminals or security alarm systems. 
  • LDCs. The least developed countries would be more affected since they have many mobile phones that work with these networks. 
  • Affects voice services. Many 4G networks still do not support voice service, requiring the use of traditional 2G and 3G networks. 
  • There are Local Regulatory for Mobile Services as each country decides its regulations. 

Companies, mobile apps, and websites must be prepared to not suffer any negative repercussions when 2G and 3G will be switched off. The activation of 5G is a breakthrough in communications, especially in the IoT (internet of things), the improvement of Smart Cities, and the use of mobile devices. A wide variety of new services and devices will hit the market in the coming years, thanks to the activation of 5G to make life easier for all of us. 

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